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Our story...

Let us introduce ourselves, my name is Jen and I run The Kitty Caller with my partner, James. We live together in Meanwood, Leeds with our gorgeous white fluffy kitty, Snowflake.

We launched the Kitty Caller over six years ago out of a lifelong love of kitties. But the idea formed long before as I was always the go to girl for all of my friends’ cats whenever they were going on holiday!

We’ve always had a love for cats, from James’ childhood pet, Coco and to my first kitty love, Smudgie who I welcomed into my family when I was 10 years old. Smudgie was a rescue kitten who I begged my mum and dad to let me have. He was my sidekick and friend, and was such a big character in my family’s life… he lived until the amazing age of 20!

One of the things I always remember was bringing the cat carrier box out when it was holiday time… and that little kitty knew exactly what that box meant… Cattery time! There was always a struggle to get him into the box (all paws firmly planted in all four corners of the cat box… a few hundred attempts and an arm of scratches later… he meowed all the way to the cattery… and for the duration of his stay (eesk)! He was so subdued for so long after he came home, it would make us so sad.

Upon talking to our friends with cats, they’d had similar experiences… so we thought, there must be lots of kitty owners out there (although any cat owner would probably agree, their cat owns them), who feel the same way. We’re sure you’ve felt the bristly nature of a kitty in the weeks after they return from a stay in a cattery hutch!

And so formed the Kitty Caller, for happy owners and happier cats!

You can find out what our customers think of our delightful service over on our Facebook Reviews section, here.

Thank you for reading.

Jen and James
Owners of The Kitty Caller

Cat Sitting Leeds   
Jen with Burmese beauty, Jasper
Jen & James' kitty, Snowflake (aka The Boss) ;)


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